Strange Times Indeed

Forest Medical closed down for the lockdown as many practices preferred to limit the number of visitors to the surgery to minimise the chance of infection.

Like many other people we dug out the sandpaper, paint brushes, fence paint, pressure washers, sweeping brushes, teach yourself Spanish CD’s, car cleaning stuff, teach yourself crochet books etc. I personally became the owner of the cleanest, tidiest set of fishing tackle in the UK and also the cleanest car to take my sparkling tackle to the riverbank.

Ok lockdown over and back to work!

It was tough rebooking all of the practices we should have been to in the previous 3 months in addition to the ones that were due to be completed now we are back, but our queen of admin and office manager Wendy donned her superhero outfit known as sort it woman and things were starting to show some signs of order again. No sooner had she dressed again as office manager then she had to get the outfit out from the back of the wardrobe as we went into lockdown 2! Things were more flexible this time and we had almost no cancellations so hopefully will soon be back to some sort of normality?

On another note we have taken on three new calibration engineers Lewis, Josh and Tom I have to say it has proven to be a wise move. All have young families and they were looking for a career change.

Lewis is a Nottingham Forest fan and has strong connections with the club. Unfortunately, Josh is a Derby County fan and the less said about that the better. We do not mention it very often as we all make mistakes! All are budding golfers but I am not too worried about them handing in their notice to go off on the European tour just yet. Keep practicing lads! We have had some positive feedback about how good they are at their jobs so all looks good moving forward. We will be taking on another engineer in the summer of 2022 all being well and we can show them how to provide the full Forest Medical pampering service.

Forest Medical now offer vaccine fridge servicing by a dedicated refrigeration engineer. Having your vaccine fridge units serviced with the relevant paperwork to support this is now an important requirement. If you should have a cold chain incident then your insurance company will reject your claim as you have not taken steps to hopefully prevent an incident. This can mean that all of your vaccines could have to be destroyed at the expense of the practice. If you wish to know more about our service to protect yourselves please get in touch.

We have noticed a marked increase in the number of home BP units being sent to us for calibration. It seems more people are keen to keep an eye on such an important aspect of their health. We offer a 48hr turnaround on units posted to us. You will receive a calibration certificate and invoice by email if possible. It is comforting to know that your unit is accurate and working as intended. Please contact us if you wish to know more about this important service.

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