What Will Brexit Mean For The Medical Device Sector?

There is still a lot of uncertainty over how Brexit will eventually be resolved, but at present the country is on course for a no-deal exit from the EU on 31 October.

But what could this mean for the healthcare sector? A recent post for Medical Device Network explored the various concerns that those within the industry have about leaving with no deal in place.

In the short term, the biggest issue will be with border controls. This is according to Gemma Bailey, director of Bailey Instruments, a UK-based medical equipment firm. She said as her company, like many others, trade a lot with Europe, this is a concern for exports.

“If we can’t export, we can’t grow our business and keep our workforce profitably employed. This will be the same concern much of the industry has,” she explained.

Another worry longer term is that the standards UK devices are manufactured to will no longer align with those in place on other international markets.

But deal or no deal, Ms Bailey said that the thing the medtech sector wants most of all is stability and certainty to allow them to plan ahead over a six or 12-month cycle.

That said, it’s not all doom and gloom in the sector, with many believing that if businesses continue to invest and innovate, they can stay ahead of the curve and ride out the Brexit storm.

It’s not only companies in the UK that may see negative effects in the event of a no-deal Brexit. RTE reported that the Irish Health Service Executive (HSE) has issued a warning that there may be a shortage of certain medical devices in Ireland following a no-deal Brexit.

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