New App Could Help Asthma Sufferers

There’s no doubt that technology is changing the way in which we diagnose, treat and manage health conditions. There are a host of new medical devices being developed all the time and now a team in Sweden has come up with an app that could be used by those with ‘uncontrolled’ asthma to help them manage the condition.

Verdict Medical Devices reported on the new development from the Swedish Karolinska Institutet. AsthmaTuner is an app that works on a mobile phone in conjunction with a wireless spirometer.

This can allow patients to get visual feedback on the best treatment for them based on their respiratory symptoms.

The app analyses lung function and symptoms and then makes recommendations on the most appropriate treatment. Analysis of the app’s performance found that patients with uncontrolled asthma who used the AsthmaTuner app experienced a greater improvement in their symptoms over the course of eight weeks than those who were given a traditional treatment plan.

Research lead Björn Nordlund, who is also a paediatric nurse at Karolinska Institutet, told the news provider that the digital tool offers definite benefits.

“Adult patients who used the tool at least once a week also more often remembered to take their medicines,” he added.

Last month, Asthma UK called on the NHS to do more to address a lack of basic asthma care, after deaths from the condition climbed by one-third in the past decade.

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