Robot Assisting Nurses In Texan Hospitals

There is no doubting that artificial intelligence (AI) has steadily crept in to our everyday lives and it seems now the scale of the oncoming changes to the workplace is becoming apparent. The latest AI addition to the medical world is a “friendly” and “socially intelligent” robot named Moxi that is being trialled in pilot programs at hospitals in Texas.

Moxi will be assisting nurses at hospitals such as Texas Health Dallas, University of Texas Medical Branch, and Houston Methodist Hospital.

The robot, designed by Diligent Robotics, is designed to undertake 30 per cent of the workload of nurses when they are not directly looking after patients. The hope is that Moxi will also help to relieve the stress of logistical tasks such as restocking supply equipment and restocking supply rooms.

Andrea Thomaz, chief executive and co-founder of Diligent Robotics, said: “As a friendly, sensitive and intuitive robot, Moxi not only alleviates clinical staff of routine tasks but does so in a non-threatening and supportive way that encourages positive relationships between humans and robots.”

A recent study led by surgeon and former health minister Lord Darzi found that almost one third of the tasks now done by nurses, and nearly one-quarter of those done by hospital doctors could be done by robots and artificial intelligence systems, saving the NHS almost £13bn a year.

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