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Potential End Of Lactose Intolerance

Scientists have identified a mechanism to regulate the composition of the lactase gene, an enzyme which allows intestinal lactose digestion. The mechanism involves nuclear receptors known as “PPARg”; which are capable of being changed by naturally occurring molecules. So far, identifying the required particles found in one’s diet has proven to be tricky; however, many in the medical science community believe the team from the International Center for Research on Inflammation in the city of Lille, France, could be on the verge of a breakthrough. | Forest Medical – Blood Pressure Monitor Calibration

The research began by investigating inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), at the time, specifically ulcerative colitis. A standard treatment practised to combat the disease is the utilisation a drug, known as “5-Aminosalicylates” (5-ASA). Particles within the medicine mark the nuclear-receptors found in epithelial cells of the gut: PPARγ receptors. These receptors transmit electrical-signals to an individual’s genome, driving an alteration of gene composition.

Identification and Quantification of RNA

A “transcriptomic analysis” was conducted, for identification and quantification of RNA found in the cells; thus, allowing researchers to understand the required adjustments of genes. As a result, researchers surprisingly discovered a broad over-creation of lactase genes, enzymes which degrade lactose. The data pointed researchers to address the problem of lactose intolerance, which is due to a lack in the generation of lactase.

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Studies have associated lactose intolerance with a significant risk of exhibiting specific diseases – notably high blood pressure and osteoporosis (a condition of fragile bone with an increased susceptibility to fracture) – as a result of precise dietary restrictions. In regards to the pharmacological treatment the approach would be to supplement nutrients within a person’s diet in response to increased production of lactase and ability to consume dairy products,” suggests Dr. Benjamin Bertin, the lead researcher.

Stimulation of Lactase Generation Via Nutrients

Results were reinforced by carrying out further investigations; involving inactive PPARγ using precise “antisense RNA.” Observations identified a reduction in lactase generation of cultured intestinal cells. They then administered PPARγ to rodents with ulcerative colitis: and noticed increased capacity of the lactase.

Scientists are now looking to identify the crucial natural food molecules for lactose intolerant people. So far, researchers have tested “conjugated linoleic acid,” present mainly in meat and recognised as capable of interacting via PPARγ, and found an increase in lactase creation in rodents.

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