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Coronary Artery Disease Prevention – The Finnish Example

At the end of the 1960s, Finland was the country with the highest rate of coronary artery disease and other cardiovascular diseases. To stop the epidemic, the authorities launched the >North Karelia Project in 1972, acting on the three main risk factors known at the time: tobacco, hypertension and hypercholesterolemia (abnormal increase in cholesterol levels in the blood). The goal: to change behaviours through three components: community interventions, systematic screening of people at risk and medication management. | Forest Medical Equipment Calibration

The Results:

A truly successful program! In 40 years, coronary artery disease mortality has decreased by 82% in men between 35 and 64 years of age; and 84% in women! In the first 10 years, almost all the reduction in mortality is attributed to the reduction of the 3 risk factors. Over the last 10 years, the project has been directly responsible for 2/3 of the result, changing of habits are responsible for the remaining third; i.e a healthier diet, increased physical activity, progress in secondary prevention and management of acute accidents.

Finland has also adopted anti-smoking legislation since 1976. Today, it is one of the countries in Europe where smoking is the lowest.

This Finnish experience proves the effectiveness of prevention programs for the general public.


Forest Medical Equipment Calibration

If you are in possession of a home blood pressure monitor to keep a check on this aspect of heart health, it is important that you ensure that the device is displaying readings accurately. Therefore, it is recommended to follow the device manufacturers service guidelines by sending the equipment for Medical Equipment Calibration by trained industry professionals on a regular basis.

How to Keep Your Heart Healthy

      • Track portion sizes, especially for meat and calorie-dense foods.
      • Avoid sodium laden foods.
      • Cook with olive oil or coconut oil over butter or lard.
      • Choose wholegrain over refined or processed products like white bread, doughnuts and muffins.
      • Stick to foods that offer omega-3 fatty acids, such as salmon and walnuts.
      • Make more room for fruits and vegetables.

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