Protect diagnosis and treatment standards by looking after your medical equipment

Modern technology has enriched the medical sector, improving the ability for practitioners to provide accurate diagnoses and cutting edge treatments. Look at any aspect of the medical industry, from dentistry to pre-natal care, and you’ll see the impact that new technologies have had. In numerous cases equipment has saved lives and improved standards a great deal. With continued development it is realistic to assume it will be responsible for further improvements in treatment in the future too.

Practitioners are reliant on medical equipment to deliver the best diagnoses and the right standard of care. In order to maintain standards devices need to be tested and calibrated to make sure they are safe to use and give accurate readings. Regular tests and calibration is important but you need to ensure that you monitor the condition of each device and make sure it isn’t damaged when it is worked on.

An important thing to keep in mind regarding medical equipment testing is the difference between type and routine tests. A type test is done to certify whether a device is compliant with legislation and appropriate standards before it is put onto the market. They are typically carried out on a sample of pieces of equipment under very strict conditions to determine whether they are fit for purpose. Routine tests are far different and are intended to determine how safe a device is to use. They need to be carried out regularly whereas a type test is typically only done once.

All tests need to be conducted in line with current guidelines to make sure they are carried out efficiently and check devices extensively. Calibration also needs to be done with the utmost care to make sure all devices are accurate. It is always best to have similar equipment calibrated at the same time so they are all giving the exact same readings.

Medical equipment testing and calibration should only be carried out by experienced professionals. This is essential to ensuring the services meet the right standards and leave devices in a safe, usable condition. Whenever a device is tested a check should be done to make sure there are no signs of wear that could make the equipment unsafe or affect the usage.

We specialise in equipment testing and can offer a comprehensive service to suit all needs. Whatever your profession we can provide the services that will give you confidence in your devices.