Medical Equipment Calibration - Two engineers looking at a readout

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The official name for the process of PAT testing is “in-service inspection & testing of electrical equipment. Health and safety regulations dictate the regular testing of all electrical appliances in order to declare them safe; to prevent any harm coming to staff, patients and visitors. It often comes as a shock to people when they discover that portable appliances present significant danger if they are not subject to periodic testing. There are hundreds of accidents on a yearly basis as a result of faulty and unsafe appliances. These accidents are entirely preventable by implementing professional Medical Equipment Calibration PAT testing.

Low and High-risk Portable Appliances

A portable appliance is any electrical device that is not fixed and wired but can be moved to any location; as well as being in operation by a basic three pin plug. Every surgery and medical establishment has a range of portable appliances on the premises, that are either low or high-risk items. We class everyday items such as kettles, microwaves, fans, toasters and hoovers as high-risk appliances. It is important to make sure that these items receive testing every 12 months.

Medical Equipment Calibration - Two engineers looking at a readout

Devices such as computers, monitors and printers present a lower risk, and the recommendation from the government is that they are subject to testing every 3 to 5 years. It is, however, the preference of many that they are tested annually along with high-risk appliances for complete peace of mind.


Experienced Medical Equipment Calibration professionals

We offer a competitive Medical Equipment Calibration pricing structure, and we are confident that you will not locate a better price. You cannot put a price on safety, and our PAT testing, medical equipment testing and fees are in place to ensure optimum safety in a wide range of clinics, surgeries and medical environments. Our team consists of experienced professionals that will deliver satisfactory services. Your testing will swift and efficient; with as little disruption to your daily operation as possible.

Medical Equipment Calibration

Once our tests are complete, you will receive an accurate record of the results. We are a leading and trusted name, and we commit ourselves to exceeding the expectations of our clients. For proficient and affordable PAT testing and Medical Equipment Calibration, contact us today for advice and information. Our friendly team will assist you with all enquiries.