Pharmaceutical Giant Stockpiling Trauma Packs

Johnson & Johnson has revealed that it is flying in large numbers of trauma packs to help cope with disruption to medical supplies in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

The Guardian reported on the move by the pharmaceutical firm, noting that the emergency packs contain medication and devices. Under normal circumstances, hospitals don’t hold too many in stock for fear of items passing their use-by date.

Simon Stevens, head of NHS England, told the newspaper that the health service is making sure it has provisions in case supplies of vital equipment and medication are disrupted.

He stated: “What we are doing is reviewing the tens of thousands of individual medicines, medicinal devices and other products that the health service uses, making sure that the manufacturers of those products have got extra buffer stockpiles.”

One example where a large number of these trauma packs was required urgently was following the bombing at the Manchester Arena in 2017. At this time, Johnson & Johnson flew in 500 such emergency packs from Belgium.

The company told the newspaper that it had been preparing for Brexit for over a year, which included increasing its stock levels of certain items to ensure there is no danger to patients in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

Last month, health secretary Matt Hancock stated that medical supplies would be prioritised over food should there be hold-ups at the UK’s borders with the EU if the country leaves the union with no deal in place at the end of March.

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