Repair, testing and calibration services

Medical equipment needs to be well maintained and cared for. If you don’t take care of your equipment, then there is a risk of it malfunctioning which could be catastrophic. If you need medical equipment testing, then our expert team can help you. We don’t just offer extensive testing and calibration services, but also a ‘return to base’ service where you can send your portable equipment to us for testing, calibration and, if required, repairs.

Small, portable pieces of medical equipment can include items such as home blood pressure testing devices. These pieces of equipment are vital to many of us for healthy living, but may require calibration every so often. It’s safe to say that if these pieces of equipment aren’t well maintained, they can put the person using them at risk from faulty readings. Our return to base service aims to fix that by providing our customers with a service where they can send their equipment to us to be fully serviced.

When you send the equipment to us, we will perform full calibration tests on it, and will also test it to make sure that the readings are accurate. If your unit is damaged or operating incorrectly, however, then we will attempt a repair of the unit for free, though if this isn’t possible, we will discuss all possible options with the client. Whatever happens, we will not condemn the item: we will always discuss all possible options with you and ensure that your device is fully calibrated and tested.

When you send your equipment to us, we will always make sure that it is in full working order before sending it back to you. We will take care of your equipment and ensure that it is fully taken care of and returned to you within at least twenty four hours for your piece of mind. We pride ourselves on offering a nationwide medical equipment testing service and all of our customers can benefit from low costs, augmented by weekend and out of hours services for your complete and total satisfaction and peace of mind.