Maintain accuracy by having devices tested and calibrated

Medical devices are naturally very sensitive to ensure that they deliver accurate readings and provide information that healthcare providers can base their diagnoses and treatments on. As a result, they need to be handled very carefully and calibrated periodically to make sure they are accurate, especially when they rely on sensors for measurement. Each sensor will need individual calibration, including for things like temperature, pressure, strain and movement amongst others. If you use several of the same devices they all need to be calibrated to the same measurements to ensure accuracy across the board; the last thing you want is to get different results depending on the device.

With medical device calibration you need to stick closely to legal guidelines and regulations. Devices should be kept accurate to the manufacturer’s specifications and any calibrating should be done with care and precision. Each piece of medical equipment should be checked extensively after it is tested and calibrated to make sure it is in a usable condition.

Another important factor with calibrating medical devices is that you have to ensure you can trace and validate what has been done to each piece of equipment. Full records must be kept in case an issue occurs because the accuracy of devices will be one of the first things looked at. Every record needs to include readouts before and after calibration so all adjustments can be traced.

Medical equipment testing is incredibly important and should be done regularly. Sophisticated devices require more frequent checks because of their complexity and the number of different things that could become inaccurate. Once a test and calibration is complete devices should be certified to show that they meet all requirements and regulations.

Healthcare practitioners in the UK can rely on us for medical equipment testing and calibration services. We are highly experienced and ensure all work is carried out by experienced engineers. We have the skills and competency required to work with all sorts of devices, from complex ones like ECG machines to thermometers and scales. We support our clients and will arrange the most suitable time to look at their devices.