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If you need Medical Equipment Calibration and testing, then our expert team of highly trained engineers can help you.

Blood Pressure Monitor Calibration & Testing

Forest Medical specialises in Blood Pressure Monitor Calibration and can provide all the help you need to keep your monitor in good condition. This will ensure that you can continue to receive accurate results and stay well informed about your health. Read More.

Spirometer Calibration & Testing

Forest Medical are highly skilled in Spirometer Calibration and Testing. Our engineers ensure that your equipment is accurate, safe and suitable for use; and once all tests and calibrations have been completed, you will receive a full results pack, allowing you to claim 3 QOF points and satisfy your CQC requirements. Read More.

Thermometer Calibration & Testing

To be considered legal and fit for purpose a thermometer has to be accurate to within 0.2 degrees centigrade. It is vitally important that you are using a unit that is working to the correct tolerances. Forest Medical use equipment that has been calibrated by a UKAS accredited laboratory specifically for Medical Equipment PAT Testing to ensure that this is the case. Read More.

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We were recommended to Forest Medical by a number of Practice Managers, who spoke highly of this company and the services that they provided with their calibration of the equipment. I have to say that I totally agree with these Practice Managers about the company. The team provided us with a high standard of work, they were very efficient, great prices and nothing was too much trouble for them. I would highly recommend this company Forest Medical and we will be using them again. (Atherstone Reception Manager March 23, 2017)

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Scientists have identified a mechanism to regulate the composition of the lactase gene, an enzyme which allows intestinal lactose digestion. The

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Genetic Studies Of High Blood Pressure Associated With Conn’s Syndrome

The identification of a pair of unique genes associated with the diagnosis of Conn's syndrome connects fifty percent of cases of hypertension (hi

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Predicting the risk of asthma in atopic dermatitis in infants

In young children with early atopic dermatitis, sensitization to several foods is associated with an increased subsequent risk of sensitization t

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Mites Aggravate Severe Asthma

Mites indirectly induce the proliferation of smooth muscle cells of the bronchi in severe asthmatics, thus contributing to the aggravation of the